Community Living Dundas County needs you

The Editor:

With the upcoming election, you may be thinking about what you value and believe in as a Canadian. If you have been looking for a way to contribute in your community to make opportunities better for everyone, becoming a general member or a member of the board of directors of Community Living Dundas County may be right for you.

Community Living Dundas’ vision statement is “an inclusive community where every person is accepted, supported, and acknowledged for their unique contribution as a valued citizen.” This statement aligns with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unfortunately people with intellectual disabilities often face barriers, often including discrimination, to participating as full citizens in their communities.

Community Living Dundas County provides services and supports to adults with an intellectual disability and their families through education, accommodation support, and leadership training.

As a general member, you would attend yearly meetings, in person or online, and contribute to the overseeing of the direction taken by Community Living Dundas and holding them accountable to meeting their vision statement. Similarly, members of the board attend monthly meetings to discuss and vote on issues and agency operations to make sure that Community Living Dundas County operates in the best manner to support persons with intellectual disabilities.

This community is rich with caring and skilled citizens that steer many initiatives to make a difference and improve some of the challenges and barriers within our community. Many of the challenges within our community are compounded for people with intellectual disabilities; housing insecurity, income, health and social service gaps, education and employment opportunities to name a few. As humans, all requiring support from others at some point, and as engaged citizens of this community, we need to work together so to ensure needed supports are there for everyone.

Please consider sharing your time as a general member or member of the board of the Community Living Board. To learn more, please reach out to Debbie Boardman at 613-543-3737 ext. 222 or by email at

Dr. Anna Don, RN, PhD

Vice-president of the board of Community Living Dundas County

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