Register for 100 Men Who Care North Dundas fundraiser — scheduled Oct. 14

Organizers of a past edition of the popular 100 Men Who Care North Dundas fundraiser (pre-Covid). Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

NORTH DUNDAS — After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular 100 Men Who Care fundraising event returns Thurs., Oct. 14, to North Dundas to raise another $10,000 for a local charity’s project. Venue for the event is the Chesterville Legion, and registration remains open at

The fundraising pitch is simple: 100 men bring $100 each to a one-hour event to raise $10,000, all of which will go to local charities voted on by the participants. While the event is not capped at 100 participants, there is expected to be a limit due to the venue’s COVID-19 capacity restrictions. Men interested in more information and wanting to reserve a spot can visit the website. Regular email updates will be provided to the enrolled men.

The $100 donation is not required at the time of online registration, but rather participants bring a blank cheque or cash with them on October 14th. All participants will receive a $100 tax receipt for their donation.

“Something super inspiring,” said MP Eric Duncan, a founding member of the 100 Who Care movement in North Dundas. “Something else that’s pretty cool.”

There are thousands of chapters of the “100 Who Care” movement, including both Men’s and Women’s chapters in North Dundas which were established in 2018. Each group held exceptionally successful events in 2018 and 2019, raising more than $60,000 combined for local charities, including the House of Lazarus’s Handyman Heroes Program, Community Food Share, the Winchester Hospital and more.

Due to public health concerns, events have been cancelled since March 2020. The 100 Who Care committees in North Dundas rallied together last November to help raise funds for the North Dundas Christmas fund, a joint volunteer effort supported by all of our local Lions Clubs, the House of Lazarus, Community Food Share, and many of our local churches. That generated an impressive $14,450.

Any charity or organization who supports North Dundas and is able to issue a tax receipt is invited to present at the 100 Men Who Care event. Information on how to apply can be found on the website.

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