Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde is first recipient of Dr. Wayne Domanko Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Wayne Domanko, Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde, and Dr. Vikas Bhagirath

WINCHESTER — Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde recently became the first to receive the Dr. Wayne Domanko Award for Teaching Excellence in Rural Medicine at Winchester District Memorial Hospital.

The award is presented to a recipient, chosen by the WDMH Family Medicine Residents, who has made a significant academic contribution to the WDMH Family Medicine Residency Program. The award is named after Dr. Domanko, who has provided care at WDMH for more than 50 years.

“Ever since I have been at WDMH, I have worked to provide continuing medical education and have mentored students and residents,” explains Dr. Domanko. “I haven’t done this with the expectation of recognition, but I am very touched and humbled. Congratulations to Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde. I hope to continue to provide education sessions awhile longer!”

“It’s very flattering and I think more than I really deserve,” says Dr. Jones-Delcorde. “Regardless, I’m happy to be teaching and hope to continue working with the residents at Winchester.”

Dr. Jones-Delcorde has worked as an attending physician at WDMH since 2018 and brings special expertise to the Emergency Department. After completing his medical degree, as well as residencies in family medicine and emergency medicine, Dr. Jones-Delcorde did a year-long fellowship in point-of-care ultrasound.

He says he chose WDMH for three reasons: “I like the rural community hospital feel. It’s quite different from larger, city hospitals. I also like the role that family physicians play at WDMH, and I wanted that type of experience. And I love the teaching that happens at WDMH. It elevates everyone’s quality of care and keeps us on our toes.”

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