Crysler water tower in contest for ‘People’s Choice Award’ — vote online until 5 p.m. Oct. 15

The Crysler water tower is competing in an annual contest of elevated water tanks from across North America.

It’s the only Canadian tank entered against 300 American-based towers by organizer Tnemec Company, maker of the coating deployed on the recently refurbished Crysler tower.

Vote online to support the local tower with your “People’s Choice” vote until 5 p.m on Oct. 15. Voting for Crysler is as simple as clicking on its photo (they appear in alphabetical order) and then selecting the checkmark.

North Stormont Township will collect the award if the Crysler tower makes the top 12.

The contest celebrates the use of water tanks as a local symbol of community pride. See the promotional video here. 

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