Meet Your Neighbour: Abby Zersch

Animal lover, thrift shop connoisseur

Abby Zersch shows off her beloved cat, named Mr. Marbles, who donned a slick waiter’s outfit
for the photo.


Abby Zersch is a cool cat who loves cats.

Her beloved Mr. Marbles, a handsome grey tabby with piercing eyes, is her main squeeze.

“I love animals, especially my cat and my dog,” Abby explains. “I also love helping people, which is why I liked working at the House of Lazarus (HOL) because I got to help all the customers who came in.”

Abby spent three years working in the clothing department at the HOL, while studying to become a Social Service Worker.

“My favourite thing about working there was all the treasures that came through the door from other people’s homes,” she notes. “North Dundas is such a generous community.”

Abby said you can find high quality clothes, including vintage pieces, for a fraction of the price.

“I love shopping at the House of Lazarus because you always find different things…very unique items, for any kind of style. When I shop with my sister – our styles are very different – but we always come home with two bags each.”

The 20-year-old is now lighting up lives with her sunny disposition as a Resident Aid for Dundas Manor.

“I help the residents out with their daily tasks, like going to activities, running errands for them…those kinds of things,” Abby explains. “It’s been an amazing experience getting to know all the people who call Dundas Manor home.”


Abby Zersch stands by the sign for the House of Lazarus, where she worked for three years.

She said growing up just outside of South Mountain provided the perfect setting for a happy childhood.

“I loved growing up here,” Abby says. “Since we live on the outskirts of town, it’s nice and quiet, but not too far from anything.

“My friends and I would go to King’s pizza and get ice-cream…we used to bike there all the time. Or we’d go to Rick’s to get candy. It was nice having those places to go when you’re young.”
She says North Dundas has a wide variety of local eateries and shops.

“And they’re all in different towns too, not just Winchester. There’s lots of places to check out.”

Abby explains she’s a thrift shop girl by nature and loves chasing after the next big ‘score’ hidden in the racks.

“I like to shop at thrift stores because I like to get more for my money…I’m pretty frugal,” she smirks. “You can find way more variety in thrift shops, which you can’t get at the big malls where it’s a lot of the same thing. The cool pieces are at thrift shops.”

Abby lists off the local second-hand stores she hits up on a regular basis, including the Lions Thrift Store.

“I would call my style casual, but cool,” she notes. “I like to wear something simple and dress it up with a few pieces of jewellery.”

Abby knows that North Dundas has all kinds of treasures to discover and wants to spread the word.

“If you’ve never been, you’re missing out.”

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