Students suffer after devastating loss … on the ball diamond

by Savannah Coleman
NDDHS Minister of Communications

The week before Thanksgiving at North Dundas District High School we had our Students vs Staff ball game; it is always what students look forward to in their first month of school, and what teachers can strategically plan from the first day. They have time to plan who they are going to recruit to their team and figure out their best options; that’s what might have secured their win this year. With not being able to have the game last year, they had that much more time to decide who they were going to bring in from the community. All in all, it was an awesome day full of enthusiasm from every angle and smiles everywhere. There was music pumping, a nice welcoming for each team, live plays being announced, cheerleading, and much more! It is always a fun time at ND’s Students vs Staff ball game. To add to the spirit of the day, Mr.Deighton dressed as a clown and visited classrooms to thank all those who participated in last week’s Terry Fox Run. North Dundas fundraised over $1,700, so Mr.Deighton had to fulfill a challenge to dress in costume and parade through the halls! We can’t wait to see what challenge the students will come up with next! 

Along with the ball game, ND had much more going on this week. Our beautiful outdoor classroom was being used by many with the nice fall weather we had; Ms. Richmire’s class made apple and pumpkin pies from scratch in our food prep room for the students to take home to their families for Thanksgiving; NDDHS held its second Covid-19 vaccination clinic!  

Lastly, October 5th was Worlds’s Teacher Day. On behalf of the entire ND student body, we thank our amazing teachers for making North Dundas a fun place to be every day and for always encouraging us to do our best. You truly do make a difference! 

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