Why should I be forced to consume skunky, secondhand cannabis smoke in my Morrisburg rowhouse?

The Editor:

I live on Carraway Cres, Morrisburg, in a six-unit rowhouse where I am one of two landlords.

I am having a issue with being sandwiched by two tenants that smoke cannabis, and it travels into my home as we are about five feet away from one another’s porches.

I have confronted my neighbours four times … I have contacted police.

The Landlord Tenant Act … states that if I were a tenant, I would be protected and could file a T2 form if my landlord didn’t do anything about my “quality of life” rights. Well I own … so now I have no rights? My “quality of life” is not important along with anything that is my home, furniture, clothing , children, animals, my health, others’ health , visitors, etc.?

If I went to work and my clothing smelled like cannabis, as I work in the health field, I would loose my job. Try to explain that to my employers.

I have contacted by-laws.

I have contacted my MPP.

I have contacted the landlord of the [other] units.

I have contacted the tenants directly.

And no one can direct me to a person, contact of any kind , web site , tribunal, or government that states home owners have rights when we live in a row house, duplex, triplex or any kind of building that is considered our space, our quality of life rights.

If no one from whom I have just mentioned cannot help me than we have a big problem.

Did you know that if I lived in a apartment building ,It is not permitted to smoke cannabis on my porch, outside or inside … that they have to be so many meters from the building?

We as home owners in attached homes have been forgotten about obviously because I have tried every avenue and no one has an answer or direction to take.

We as attached home owners have not been given rights to our space, quality of life, freedom from second hand smoke, freedom to keep my doors , windows ajar, go into my backyard or front yard without having to escape this skunky smell of cannabis that sticks to our bodies , clothing, etc.

I have reached out to everyone possible to have help and I have been told it’s not their problem, that I shouldn’t have moved into my home.

That I should have investigated the surroundings first before buying. So now I have the right to bang on everyone’s doors and ask if they’re going to disrupt my quality of life rights. …

I am asking that there be a law put into place protecting me and others that are in this situation and have no rights to our quality of life or freedom to live in peace, breathe fresh air, not having to barcricade myself in my home with closing my doors and windows.. And if I close everything up ,I am forced to live their habits ,their behaviour,their right to smoke cannabis whether I like it or not .. however, it affects me but has no bearing.

So I am asking for help, please help me and others live a cannabis-free lifestyle. As we should not be forgotten, forced to consume, close off our space, have our space invaded by the skunky smell of cannabis or any smoke for that matter. I want my right validated as I am a taxpayer and home owner with what I would say are more rights than a renter.

Jennifer Gibeault

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