Get in on the action! “Ladies Finding Fun in ‘21” raffle basket to be drawn, tomorrow, Nov. 20th

Say the Sisters for Life Relay Team:
Ladies! Where do you find your fun? Soaking in a relaxing bath? Enjoying your favourite beverage? Shopping? Shopping while enjoying your favourite beverage in a relaxing bath?
Whatever it is, we have you covered!
Our “Ladies Finding Fun in ‘21” raffle basket is filled with all the things that ladies love!
Get your tickets now!
How: Email Kim Casselman ( or Angie Beehler ( with your name, complete address and phone number. Send an etransfer for your tickets to the same email (please use the following security info answer: raffle (all lower case).
Price: $5 for one, three for $10
You will receive an email with a picture of your tickets. Please check for information accuracy.
All raffle proceeds will support the purchase of a Digital Mammography machine at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital. License #M833836
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