A Canadian-made Christmas with music to raise funds for those in need this Yuletide season

WINCHESTER —  A Canadian-made Christmas with music goes ahead Saturday, Dec. 18 at Winchester’s Old Town Hall, with shows at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

For the third year, A Bunch of People Arts and Events (ABOP) is raising funds for local families or individuals this Christmas.

“In 2019, we raised $600 through our yearly events and we donated it to House of Lazarus (HOL),” said ABOP’s Amanda Million.

“HOL works with us to identify local individuals or families that are in need. Again this year, we have asked HOL to help us get funds to a few local families this Christmas,” Million said, recalling how, after the last show in 2019, a family used the funds to pay their electricity bill. “That just warms our hearts,” she said, adding  with a roar of laughter: “Pun intended!”

It is clear she gets a kick out of her humour, which she uses well to help organize the many events put on by ABOP.

This year’s show is a staged reading of one of the Canadian classic Christmas stories heard on CBC radio each year. “At the centre of the story is a neighborhood party, egg nog, Lalique Crystal and the sound of a car engine — not to give too much away,” she said. The story will be interspersed with Christmas music performed by local musicians, one of whom, Rick Ventrella, has just released a CD.

“We were unable to mount a Christmas Show last year (2020) and it has not been easy to do our events this year, but with our amazing Board of Directors (Suzanne Millaire, Marie-Thérèse Robinson, Harmony Koiter and Patrick Burger) we had our Writing in 150 Competition, a Car Rally / Scavenger Hunt, our recent True Stories performance and now this heart-warming Christmas show,” Million said.

“We love organizing these events, but the Christmas Show is especially important to us, as it is what tops up the funds we will donate,” Burger said.

This show will be a “pay what you can” affair. ABOP works all year to raise money for charity and yet the cost to attend any event can be beyond some people’s means, even as the organization strives to keep ticket prices low. This Christmas they decided that access to Performance Art should not be limited. The suggested donation is $10 a person, but each attendee is asked to pay what they can afford.

“This is ABOP’s gift to the community — an affordable Christmas Show, as a thank-you to all those who attend our events and who actually fund the money going to our local families”, Robinson added. “Merry Christmas Everyone!”

Pre-purchase of tickets is necessary. There is limited seating and tickets are going fast. For tickets email: aboppay@gmail.com or call 613 346-5064

Double Vaccination proof with ID is mandatory. Masks must be worn.


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