Nation Valley News Ltd. founder Nelson Zandbergen is interviewed by CFRA’s Dan Pihlainen in 2016, below.


Zandbergen is interviewed by CKCU’s Michael ‘tic’ Houston in 2016, below.

Special thanks to longtime CKCU volunteer and radio host Michael Houston (photo, right) for having me as a guest on his ‘Wednesday Special Blend’ morning show a couple of weeks ago to discuss Nation Valley News and other local topics. My apologies to Michael — aka ‘tic’ — for not leaving myself quite enough time to contend with Ottawa’s rush-hour traffic and then cementing my hick status upon arrival at the Carleton University campus. But I did finally find a friendly parking machine and then, after some meandering, managed to stumble into the hidden studio for a good chat with the Finch resident, who’s known locally for his annual summer Barnstorm event. The interview is presented here — minus most of the preceding airtime in which tic was left twisting because of my embarrassing tardiness. Did I mention that tic is a great and gracious host?