Welcome! You have found us using the technology that everyone uses in their daily lives. Isn’t it time to advertise in the same relevant way — on the screens where people are LOOKING all around you, all the time? Facebook, Instagram, the Google Ad Network … we handle them all at …

Advertise with Nation Valley News, your locally owned news source based in Chesterville.

Let us help you engage the power of social media to precisely reach your desired clientele demographic in a verified manner — in any region, anywhere in Canada.

Being online and on Facebook means we can show you the real ‘screenshotted’ audience results after each ad completes its run. In other words, we show you the number of people who have actually seen and engaged with your ad — on Facebook, on Instagram and on our website, What ‘newspaper’ ad can do that?

And yes, we’re happy to push your ad out on the Google Ad network, too!

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Our most popular ads:

Regular Social Media Post: The best option as far as reach and targeting a specific audience would be our Regular Social Media Post.

An engaging image and wording is posted on our popular Facebook feed and clicks through to either your website, any web address, or Facebook page that would include the information — whichever you prefer. We also use Facebook’s boosting option to help your ad reach your desired geographical areas and demographic (including the age, gender and interests of the people you wish to reach.)  The ad also appears underneath some of our stories on our popular website, 

Video Social Media Post: Same idea as the social media post only difference being that it is a video, not a static image. A video is typically more intriguing and engaging, reaching more people as a result.

Basic Social Media Post: The other option is our Basic Social Media Post. Unlike the Regular Social Media post, it is not boosted and not shared under our stories on our website. It usually reaches about half the amount of people but still runs on our Facebook page for a week. 

Banner Ads: Our banner ads are square ads that run along-side our stories on desktop and under the stories on mobile. They are clickable and can link to any website or Facebook page.

Other advertising options:

  • Branded Content (written article about your company)
  • Facebook Event Page Sharing
  • Facebook Event Page Creation

We can also run your Facebook and Social Media accounts for your business.

Please call Kelsey at 613-454-5284 or email her at for pricing on any of these advertisements or for more information.


Our social media advertising hit parade

At Nation Valley News, we’ve created and run many specially targeted and boosted Facebook posts for advertising clients over the years. That includes ads with static images as well as videos of our own making. We also embed these posts for a time at our popular news website at, so they get viewer traffic both ways.

Here’s a small selection of our Facebook advertising handiwork (keep in mind these are largely PAST ads):


As of July 4, 2017, Flair with Fabrics’ Nation Valley News-produced video has reached nearly 24,000 people, with 10,000 people clicking “play.” (Many folks, however, watch videos without clicking play because of the silent auto-play function, which Nation Valley News clients still benefit from through the use of closed-caption subtitles.) See this actual video by visiting Flair with Fabrics’ profile in our Canada 150 section.

Advertisement — Visit We Can Contracting at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Booth 1701, March 14-16
Visit We Can Contracting Sales & Installation of Fabric Structures and proprietor Joey Van Koppen at Booth 1701 during the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, March 14-16. Here’s some footage of the Morrisburg company’s recent projects putting up Winkler Structures.

Advertisement — Garden Villa Retirement Residence

‘Come and live among your neighbours,’ says Garden Villa Retirement Residence. And the neighbourhood is likewise invited to celebrate Mardi Gras at Garden Villa this Friday, Feb. 24, when Dixieland Jazz Band puts on a show at 2 p.m.

Advertisment – We Can Contracting
We Can Contracting Sales & Installation of Fabric Structures offers top-quality Winkler Structures at competitive pricing. Have a listen as proprietor Joey van Koppen talks about his latest project and upcoming appearance at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show.