Meet Your Neighbour: Karen Parker

NORTH DUNDAS — Karen Parker is a strong woman, with a welcoming smile. She’s survived and thrived in the business world for 30 years and earned her place in the Hall of Women Warriors (not…

Chesterville Bowling Lanes Pin Tallies

For week ending Nov. 7, 2021 Stormont Ladies: Ladies’ High Single, Leslie Vanbruinessen 274; Ladies’ High Triple, Leslie Vanbruinessen 604. Team Standings: Susan 75, Marin 73, Hilda 72, Pat 60. Monday Men’s: Men’s High Single,…

Rick Ventrella releases debut CD; ‘Chapter 6’ the culmination of months of work with help of Chesterville’s Railroad Recording Company

OSGOODE — The North Dundas arts community came together on a recent Saturday night in Osgoode to celebrate the release of Rick Ventrella’s debut CD, “Chapter 6.” The Chesterville resident and partner Sandra McNeill led the performance of all nine tracks that might be described as an amalgam of folk, pop and roots rock.