What’s in a name? $500,000!

There are doting grandparents… and then there are Alaine Chartrand’s grandparents!

David and Christine Chartrand are in a league of their own. To show their appreciation and admiration of the apple of their eye, they paid $500,000 for the naming rights for the new Prescott arena, financing for which was recently announced.

Yum! Dandelions for dinner!

Around the Nation A column by Tom Van Dusen I took a furtive look around, checking if any other walkers were close by. The coast was clear! As I often do, I was strolling Prescott’s…

An Open Letter to MP Eric Duncan

The Editor: Dear Eric, I was appalled to receive the mail-out from your office last week, and I imagine that many others in SDSG felt similarly. Nowhere in the priorities you listed is there any…