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More Information Jiangsu Ankey Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd is founded in August 31, 2016, located in the District of Zhenjiang Economic & Industry Park. We are specialized in new-type composite material鈥檚 application in the field of safety protection.
The factory covers 7000m2. We are manufactory possess our own machine including compound machine, punching machine, shearing machine and cloth inspecting machine to realize the integration of the whole production course.
1. Bulletproof Series锛圲D Fabric銆丅allistic Soft Panel锛廈ulletproof Plate銆乂est銆丠elmet銆丼hield銆丄rmor Panel锛夛紱
2. Stab-proof Series锛圫tab-proof Panel銆丼tab-proof Vest锛夛紱
3. Bulletproof And Stab-proof Series锛圔ulletproof And Stab
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