Media Kit for Nation Valley News

Leverage the advertising power of NVN through social media (Facebook/Instagram). It’s where the eyeballs are!

Nation Valley News has nearly 7,800 followers on Facebook and between 40,000 and 60,000 unique monthly viewers on This is an advantage to you as an advertiser. Why?

• When NVN makes and distributes your Facebook ad, it automatically receives the advantage of a strong “organic” launch because of our pre-existing audience on Facebook.

• We’re experienced in the use of Facebook’s targeting tools to select where, when and to whom your ad appears on Facebook (which is still by far the most popular social media platform). This includes selecting the  geographic area (see image below) and the demographic profile of targeted individuals (i.e. gender, age, interests, etc.) And it includes the time period that the ad will run on Facebook; one week is our basic unit, but of course, it can be more than that!

• And while your ad runs on Facebook, we simultaneously embed  it on our popular website where viewers see the ad while reading our news stories. 

• We have years of social media experience. Your Facebook ad also goes out on Instagram (where applicable).

Three main types of Facebook ads (also Instagram depending on length) — video, static image and ‘Facebook events.’


On the Facebook feed:

Image below shows an NVN video distributed on Facebook as an event post with caption and ability for viewers to show interest.


Image below shows the same post/video embedded on, to be viewed by our many readers at the site (see bottom):

Below: other recent examples of NVN-produced Facebook videos and Facebook static image posts, which simultaneously appeared on both Facebook and, receiving thousands of views and impressions for our advertisers.

Click for more examples.

And at the end of your ad’s run, we provide you with viewership stats collected by the technology — on both Facebook and (below). The report below shows a video ad that reached 16,994 individuals on Facebook and garnered 77,000 “impressions” on (during a one-month embed period in this case).