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Christmas Greetings spotlight 2020

Graduates of 2020











Christmas Greetings 2019 spotlight













Meet Me on Main Street 2019










Christmas Greetings 2018 spotlight













Municipal Election 2018 Spotlight

South Dundas
North Dundas
South Stormont
North Stormont

Meet Me on Main Street 2018 Spotlight














Canada Day 2018 Spotlight

Check out Canada Day 2018 activities in your community!

2018 Lawn, Garden and Golf Spotlight

It’s spring! See our Home Improvement Spotlight 2018 for plenty of ideas on the topic — made possible by advertisers like Guy Fuels & Propane Ltd., Winchester BMRCurran Flooring CentreDundas Performance & Secured Holmes and Neal’s Heating Cooling & RefrigerationBouchers UpholsteryTrain “NOW” OntarioHarbers Flame Centre & Masonry Inc. and Roofworks.

2018 Bridal Spotlight



Christmas Greetings 2017 spotlight

Canada 150 Spotlight

Nation Valley News celebrates the special stories of Canada 150 in 2017.










Home & Garden Spotlight 2017

See our Home & Garden 2017 spotlight here or take a look at the post below and give it a click.

2017 Bridal Spotlight

See our 2017 Bridal Spotlight here or click the post below.

Christmas Greetings 2016 spotlight