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2018 Lawn, Garden and Golf Spotlight

It’s spring! See our Home Improvement Spotlight 2018 for plenty of ideas on the topic — made possible by advertisers like Guy Fuels & Propane Ltd., Winchester BMRCurran Flooring CentreDundas Performance & Secured Holmes and Neal’s Heating Cooling & RefrigerationBouchers UpholsteryTrain “NOW” OntarioHarbers Flame Centre & Masonry Inc. and Roofworks.

2018 Bridal Spotlight

Christmas Greetings 2017 spotlight

Canada 150 Spotlight

Nation Valley News celebrates the special stories of Canada 150 in 2017.










Home & Garden Spotlight 2017

See our Home & Garden 2017 spotlight here or take a look at the post below and give it a click.

2017 Bridal Spotlight

See our 2017 Bridal Spotlight here or click the post below.

Christmas Greetings 2016 spotlight