Driver just 3 km/h shy of having vehicle impounded

LEEDS — A motorist in Leeds County came perilously close to having their truck impounded for a week — although they still face a hefty speeding fine after exceeding the posted limit by 47 km/h. That’s just…

Impatient pizza patron calls 9-1-1 in Leeds County

LEEDS — A ‘hangry’ patron called 9-1-1 because her pizza order wasn’t ready  when she arrived at an Elgin, Ontario, eatery yesterday  (June 11) — but wasn’t fined or charged for the cheesy move. Rideau…

Fraudsters posing as CRA still phoning local residents

EMBRUN — Telephone fraudsters impersonating Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials have triggered several complaints to Russell County OPP about this ongoing scam. Whether by telephone or by email, the pitch involves one of two variations….